This is exciting! I’ve been invited to participate in a new (real world) shop that is opening in Amsterdam. The shop is called The New Label Project (TNLP). They have come up with a simple but clever idea: each designer hires a “box” (a wooden cube), and is responsible for the contents and appearance of the box. There are different sizes available, but I am going to try the smallest size to see how it goes. TNLP offers to take care of sales, marketing and promotion. Seeing as those are the tasks that I am really bad at I am full of hopes that this will be a successful venture!

TNLP will open its doors on December 1 on the Rozengracht 75, in the centre of Amsterdam, a few minutes walk from the Westerkerk and the Anne Frank House. (As I mentioned earlier) I’m having problems posting photos, so I will just direct you to TNLP’s Facebook page. Do come along and check out my shop-within-a-shop!


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