Keep Breathing in Kalypso and white

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I made this pair of matching beads with a core from a lovely silver-laden glass called Kalypso, encased in crystal clear glass, and decorated with hair-fine white stringer work. Kalypso is a very pretty pink-based silver glass, and the results can range from pink to blue and purple.

Each bead is divided into 3 or 4 sections, and each section is filled with a different pattern. The title of this series of beads reminds me that I should "keep breathing" while I am making them: drawing with a line of glass that is not much thicker than a hair can be daunting!

You will receive a pair of matching beads in a similar design and colours as shown in the photos.

Handmade in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Number of beads

Size (approx)
14 mm diameter
13 mm hole-to-hole

Mandrel size
1.6 mm (1/16") mm


  • All of my beads are annealed in a digitally-controlled kiln.
  • Photos show different views of the same bead set. You will receive a similar pair of beads. Please note that there will be variations in these handmade items.
  • Unless noted, the displayed price excludes 21% Value Added Tax (VAT), which will be applied to orders from residents of the European Union during check out.
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