It’s been a bit busy around here. I had a few orders to fulfill after the party. Then our modem died which meant that the website, blog and email address were offline. And of course I wasted a couple of precious days installing the modem, updating the (internal) IP addresses, getting my mail server running, checking that all the websites work again, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

(We won’t talk about the two days where I got side-tracked obsessing about the idea of automating my workflow … it was only a teeny-eeny little bit of programming after all. Not something that we need to talk about.)

And recently I’ve been wrestling, yet again, with the camera. Taking photos. Blech. Taking photos of glass objects. Double blech.

Anyway, here is a bead pic to show how far I’ve got. Photographing light coloured beads on a white background has been a bit tricky up to now—the edges tend to wash out. But I think my camera skills are improving. What do you think?

Oh. I’m quite pleased with how the bead turned out too ;-)

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