A friend emailed me recently, commenting that she enjoyed reading my post from August about the Procrastination Hack. I’ve just re-read the post and figure it must be time for an update.

Where am I?

Well, I’m a lot further along than I thought I could be. My stuff, er, I mean, my Artistic Output, can now be seen in four shops here in Amsterdam. I’m pleased to note that three of the shops actually bought my A.O. instead of taking it in on consignment. I earn a fraction less but it’s so much easier than consignment, where you haven’t actually sold it, but you also don’t have it as part of your inventory. You have to keep meticulous records. And, you also have to remember to go and check up on it periodically, which I’m really bad at.

Anyway, to continue. I have also sold several boxes of my Designer Drawing Pins. I’ve even had a couple of international sales with my drawing pins, which makes me very happy.

My Etsy shop is not so empty. There’s not a lot of variety yet—there’s a lot of drawing pins—but it’s a work-in-progress, so I’m not too worried.

Photos. Grr. Photos. I’m getting there, but …

I suppose the best part is that I’m happy. No, I’m better than happy, I feel content. Now when someone asks me, “How are you?”, I spontaneously reply, “Good!” There’s no longer a big internal discussion along the lines of, “Well, I feel okay, but, well, not really. Actually, I feel quite depressed. But do I really want to explain this, and, anyway, are you even remotely interested?”

Answering “Good!”, is so much simpler :-)

And maybe I’ve found a way of dealing with the oh-no-one-will-want-to-buy-my-stuff blues. I woke up last Friday feeling somewhat down. And instead of wallowing in it, as I would have done a few months ago, I decided that I would approach a couple more shops. Which I did. I didn’t sell anything, but I have the email addresses of a couple of purchasers. But, that’s not the point, I’m just so pleased that I did something active: feel depressed? then it must be time to go and find a new outlet.

And guess what? Later on that same day I sold a box of drawing pins to a friendly person in America who discovered my Etsy shop. Is that what they call Karma?

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