I usually try to avoid posting personal stuff on the internet. But I would like to tell friends, clients, and well-wishers what’s been happening in my life in the last few months.

My mum was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in early April. At the time she was given one to two years to live. Life didn’t change much for about two months; it was in a state that I called, “Weirdly Normal”. But towards the end of June things started going downhill rapidly, and after a short, sharp deterioration Mum died in early August. She suffered little to no pain, and her last days were mostly dignified.

The whole thing went rather quickly, which was a shock, but I’m very glad for her that it’s over. It’s now a couple of months later and I am slowly trying to put my life back in order.

Mum loved orchids, and I’ve inherited her small collection. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit her knack with plants, so I hope that I can keep them alive!


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Judy Friedlander · October 10, 2013 at 13:34

Hi Jen,
Sorry to hear about your mum passing. WIshing you strength for this difficult time. May you honour her memory with the things she loved and felt passionate about. I’m sure I’ve seen that brilliant cerise of the orchid in one of your iced moments. I miss my mum so much – it’s three years today. Thinking of you Jen,
Judith xxxxx

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