Oooh. I’ve been in a very weird space lately. Not wanting to create. Blaming everyone else (except of course myself) for my uncreativity. Coming up with a unique (yes, really!) idea. Not knowing how to market it. Suddenly wanting to be, and obsessing about being, creative.

I read a really discouraging thought several years ago: Once you want to start really selling yourself then you have to devote probably at least 30% of your creative time to promoting yourself.

What?! A third of my precious creative time?! Just devoted to promoting me, myself and I??!

Don’t be silly.

Okay, hang on. What does that mean? “Promoting myself”?


  • Photographing your stuff.
  • Processing the photos of your stuff.
  • Writing a blurb about your stuff.
  • Listing your stuff on an auction or whatever website.
  • Pointing everyone to the fact that you have made your stuff publicly available.
  • Publicising yourself.

Oh yeah. And this is outside of the thing that you are trying to sell.

It’s a pretty weird world.

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Ben · June 16, 2009 at 3:20

Esther’s necklace is a hit; she’s worn it every day since she got it and she still gets great remarks about it :-)

Don’t be shy jennie – you, as the kids say these days, rock!

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