If you have been following this blog then you may have noticed that I have been obsessing about drawing pins for quite a while. In which case you may be pleased to know that I have been working on the follow-up to the glass drawing pin. Ta dah! Lampwork lapel pins.

Here is an example from the Line Art series, an opal yellow base with raised silver scroll work in Triton. Triton, made by Double Helix, is a very special glass, containing minute amounts of silver. By waving the bead/pin in a reduction flame (low oxygen) the silver particles are brought to the surface of the glass. Triton reduces easily and consistently (unlike a lot of silver glasses) and is so much fun to work with.

Opal yellow and silver lapel pin

Opal yellow and silver lapel pin

The lapel pin measures about 15 mm (5/8 inch) in diameter. It comes with a military clutch so it can used as a lapel pin, or a scarf pin, or a hat pin, or a tie tack. You can pin it on a sweater, or a jumper, or even a shirt (but I would avoid fine wool or silk as the pin shaft is 1.1 mm thick).

I love making these lapel pins, as they are a neat cross between a bead and instant, multi-functional jewellery.

Here’s one from the Net Effect series:

Copper green and black lapel pin

Copper green and black lapel pin

I have several others listed in my Etsy shop and I’m pleased to say that I’ve already sold one on Etsy.

Note to self: The images were produced with the imagemagick montage command.
montage -background "#666666" -geometry "x400+1+1" yip*.jpg montage.jpg


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