I was getting a bit fed up with apologising for my website because it hadn’t been updated in eons. Part of the problem was that my photo organisation was out of control. So I finally sat down and did something about it.

I purchased Adobe Lightroom 2 a few months ago and have been figuring out how to use this rather powerful beast. It’s a neat program, I’m really impressed with it. I use it to catalogue, process and output my photos.

Lightroom is modular and it’s pretty easy to add in third-party engines. There are five modules: Library, Develop, Slide, Print and Web. If you have used Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge, then Lightroom will feel familiar.

I purchased the SlimBox “web engine” from The Turning Gate. After messing around for a while I managed to output different galleries and seamlessly integrate them into my website. So now I finally have galleries of my most recent work: lapel pins and stud earrings, and drawing pins (aka push pins).

I love Lightroom. I’m gonna be writing more about it…


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