Here are some more drawing pin sets that will be going up on Etsy in the coming days.

Nine sets of Designer Drawing Pins

I feel like I should point out that the pin heads are 100% glass. I’m often asked what material the decorations are made of. Which always puzzles me for a second. But the decorations (the symbols) are also made from glass. I use what is known as a “stringer”—a thin string of glass—to draw the pattern. It’s a fine juggle between getting the stringer warm enough to manipulate but not too hot so that it melts into an unmanageable mess.

I like to leave the stringers “raised” on a lot of pins. So, the next trick is to carefully melt the stringer enough so that it fuses to the glass pin base, but not too much so that it melts into the base. In this set of blue pins, for example, the spiral and dots have been fully melted in, the rest are raised.

Close up of the blue pins

As to the title of this post, I’ve been toying around with this as a push pin “slogan”.


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