My Timer Driven Life

My Timer-Driven Life

One of my articles has been published! In a fairly obscure e-magazine called Soda Lime Time, a monthly magazine for lampworkers. Anyway I submitted an article, it was accepted, and it was published in this month’s issue. It’s not specifically related to lampworking, so I am republishing it here. My Read more…

Tip: Pulling shorts

It’s simple enough to do: melt a small amount at the end of the rod (where it was cut), and pull a short thick stringer, about 2mm thick and about 4-5 cm long. Try to make sure that it’s straight in relation to the rod.

…Warm/melt the end of a rod in the same colour and I used to melt and use the stringer handle as well as the short rod, but now I flame cut and throw away the handle.

Shocky glass

There is nothing more irritating that a rod of expensive glass that self-destructs when it gets anywhere near a source of heat. No matter how careful you are, it just flies off in little, unusable bits. I have been hoarding some rods of River Rock (Vetrofond 931, once created, never Read more…