About a month ago I stumbled upon Craftopolis which has some very handy tools for Etsy sellers. One of the tools, Shop Lovers, merges data from your Etsy shop and Google Analytics. On Friday night I noticed that I was (a) getting a lot of visitors and (b) they all seemed to be heading directly for a listing of purple leaf head pins. Which was a bit puzzling as the listing is not recent. It felt like someone had blogged about the leaves but I had to wait until yesterday to see some more detailed Analytics stats (the most recent Analytics data is at least one day old).

Anyway it took a little while to figure it out, but yes indeed my leaves were featured in a blog posting at Art Bead Scene. The leaves are difficult to spot (I missed them the first time around), it’s the little photo on the right under the birch tree pendant.

Art Bead Scene

Actually it’s been a pretty good week: besides the blog post at Art Bead Scene which sent a lot of traffic my way, I was also included in three Etsy treasuries. As an added bonus I’ve also learnt more about Analytics so I guess I’m pretty happy :)


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