Again, after weeks of nothing, I’ve been included in several treasuries, some more attractive than others. I think the treasuries that I like the most have an interesting theme and colour harmony. I’ve selected what I think are the nicest ones to show you.

This is the first one, “Another Bright Day”, curated by Sharkyswaters, which includes a set of my aquamarine lampwork headpins. I love the colours in this treasury!

Another Bright Day

Treasury: "Another Bright Day"

Number 2 is a very soothing collection called “Honey Amber”. It was selected by AngelaDesign, and it features some of my light amber lampwork headpins:

Honey Amber

Treasury: "Honey Amber"

The third one is called, “Some of my Favorite Things for When I am Feeling Blue”, curated by Hepstyles, which again includes a set of ivory and copper green lampwork headpins (they seem to like my headpins!):

Treasury: "Some of my Favorite Things for When I am Feeling Blue"

And the last one is “With Whip…”, selected by beadifulbaublesSC, featuring some of my white-on-white teardrop headpins:

With Whip...

Treasury: "With Whip..."


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